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Changes to our rates 2023

December 21st 2022




Dear Customer,



As a result of global economic circumstances driving volatility in energy prices, transportation prices and overall inflation increase, customers will begin seeing a new charge on their invoice.


In an effort to continue improving service to our customers and partners, we are implementing a fuel charge, effective February 6th , 2023. While we strive to manage costs and to minimize price increases to our customers, we find it necessary to implement these rate changes due to rising - and oftentimes volatile - operating costs.


The fuel charge will be implemented starting on February 6th 2023 at the rate of 10%.


The Urban Street Organics team greatly appreciates your business and support, and we look forward to

continuing to provide an environmentally sustainable solutions for your organic waste. If you have

any questions regarding this rate change, please do not hesitate to reach out.






John Ciocioiu

Urban Street Organics

95 Eastwood Park Drive

Toronto, ON M8W 0B9

(647) 632 9131

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